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What If You Had to See a Doctor or Enter a Hospital:

Most of us would agree that good health is an extremely valuable attribute.  Those in poor health generally have a lower quality of life as well as a reduced ability to work and earn an income.  Good health is frequently the result of biology (the genes you inherit), the life style choices you make (exercise, diet, smoking), and appropriate medical care.

And even the healthiest among us need some medical care.  Regular physician and dental visits are a normal part of maintaining good health.  Accidents, illness, and simply growing older are other reasons medical care is necessary.

Medical care in the United States is, unquestionably, expensive. According to statistics compiled by the federal government, over 20% of personal consumption expenditures are directed to medical care.[1]  While health insurance may be expensive, trying to pay medical costs out of your own pocket, or not seeking medical help when needed, can be much more expensive, and with today’s range of health insurance plans, you may find a more affordable option.

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[1] Source:  Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2010.  Table No. 661 Personal Consumption Expenditures By Type:  2000 to 2007.